BIOGRAPHY Of Terfa Osaze (Baka King)




Ahundu Joseph Ahundu.


Terfa Gbatuman popularly known as Osaze (A folk)  singer, songwriter, composer, actor and dancer. He was born and brought up in Agbamu in Kwara State to the family of Baba Gbatuman and Mama Orsamu, he hails from Ujam clan of Iharev extraction with their ancestral home at the present site of University of Agriculture, Makurdi in Benue State.

The nickname “Osaze” was given to Terfa Gbatuman by one of his greatest patron known as OrchinJandeAgeva (late) when he was still playing at the beer parlour of madam Vero at kucha, beside Makurdi International primary school (Edward Ujege Street) high level, the name was given to Terfa due to his physical appearance, complexion and hair style which was like that of Osaze Peter Odemwingie, Anyone seeing Terfa could think it was Osaze himself, their faces were same as well as body structure which make the name to become a household name in Benue and beyond.

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African music is one of the cultural indices that make Africans Africa. It is a cultural identity that has to do with singing, playing of instruments, dancing and use of various artefacts. Music, over the ages, has proved to be one of the indispensable arts cultivated by man for growth, nurture and transfer of his institution and value to future generations

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Ahundu Joseph Ahundu[/caption]

Swange, a popular Tiv music and dance in Nigeria has over the years gone through quite a number of repositioning in response to the purview of Tiv socio-economic and political changes. Historically, the modifications began from the first which was Gbangi to Swange, and Swange to Kpingi, and Kpingi to Ngigh-Ngigh, and, recently Baka (Baka is currently used at night clubs) which is the type played and used by TerfaOsazeGbatuman.

Terfa Osaze Gbatuman who is currently the KING OF BAKA came to makurdi in 2007 and since then he has played a prominent role in the promotion of Tiv culture with his songs and music, he has recorded over 35 audio tapes and 3 videos.


He has travelled to 2 countries and all the states in Nigeria. Terfa Osaze Gbatuman is happily married with children.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Terfa Osaze – Corona virus (Prod. By Baba Slowingz)

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