MUSIC: EEY Databokiboi – Amebo (Prod. Phatboii)


Extravagant lyricist artiste from Wamba, Nasarawa State, EEY Databokiboi has again resurfaces with “Amebo” a one of its kind song full of sweet flavours that spices up the whole song.

Recall that the young act has recently released a well cooked melody titled “Go Away” that received massive downloads, Air Plays and the video also received much TV plays.

However, “Amebo” by EEY Databokiboi is a song that talks about people who always like to talk bad about you especially your success, those who can not mind their business instead they keep poke nosing on people affairs.

This is a song you wouldn’t wish to ever missed it for anything. Download and remember to share the good song all round.

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Amebo Lyrics

Koko water

Ice water



Databokiboi dey here

Verse 1
Something dey ma mind
But e heavy 4 mouth
Ah truly want 2 tell somebody here(yeah)
Something about that didn’t add up yeah….(eh)
See the Amebos…
dey posed dey want to hear
(who send U Ooh?)
Why u want to be like that?
(be like that)
They tune ur radio On
Discuss ur matter 4 dia

This attitude bad Ooh
Nobody send you you Ooh
You better change that Ooh

Comot 4 hia Ooh
Amebo Amebo

Comot 4 hia Ooh

I know you know that kind feelings when somebody lie about you
(Business Controller)
Oh yeah! Yeah…

This attitude bad Ooh
Nobody send you you Ooh
You better change that Ooh
You dey kill pass Corona
This attitude bad Ooh
Nobody send you Ooh

Verse 2
She you dey form Oga
Now you come dey peep
Your Bobo getti money
But you no still pay your rent
Your baby one in a million
You come dey eye my girl
I dey Ma Lane ooo
You dey chuk eye 4 my matter
Bimisabo let me tangba gyale
Ligiligi lagalaga ohnana( Ohnana)
Free me!! and watch your front
And no dey envy my success
You dey carry my matter for head
Like a galla seller
(Abi u b galla seller?)


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