Best App to Sell Gift Card for Ghana Cedis and Naira


Best App to Sell Gift Card for Ghana Cedis and Naira

Getting a platform that allows you to sell your gift cards in Ghana Cedi and Naira is quite a task. As much as there are a lot of platforms to trade, there are limited ones that make special efforts to ensure they deliver top-notch services most especially juicy rates. Astro Africa is a gift card trading platform that ensures top-notch service is delivered at the best rates. 

Astro Africa: Africa’s Best Gift Card Trading Platform

Astro Africa is a pan-African fintech company with offices in Lagos and Accra. Their service is the trade of digital assets like gift cards. Several features make Astro Africa stand out. Some of which are customer-friendliness, best trading rates, and the aim to create an all-inclusive platform for financial transactions for Africans. Currently, most of Astro’s services are readily available to Nigerians and Ghanaians. Their base currencies are the Naira and the Ghana Cedis. 

To further ensure seamless trading activity, Astro Africa has newly launched its trading app on google play store. Trading on Astro Africa is very easy and straightforward.

Best App to Buy and Sell Gift Card in Africa

Astro App allows both newbies and pro’s in gift card trading to buy and sell gift cards with ease. With concerted efforts from the Astro Africa team, the Astro App is positioned as one of the best platforms for selling gift cards.

Best App to Sell Gift Card for Ghana Cedis and Naira

To start with, Astro Africa offers the best rates for gift card trading in Nigeria and Ghana. Getting a good rate for your gift cards is quite a difficult task, most buyers offer as low as 50% of the BBB original value of the card. Astro Africa understands that people get into business to make a profit, and as a customer-centric company, they buy at fair rates from sellers.



If you are unsure of this, check out their rates using the rate calculators on the application. Another stand-out factor for Astro App is the ease of use. Astro Africa employs some of the best UX designers to ensure the application scores high on usability. The application has a simple interface that users can navigate through without any prior experience. Recognizing that users will abandon a process if it is too complex, the developers make every step as simple as possible.

A lagging application cannot be trusted when it comes to financial transactions and, Astro Africaknows this. The application is set up to ensure there is no lag or delay when confirming users’ transactions.

The Astro App is a very secure application. Private information such as card details cannot afford to be on platforms that have no guaranteed security. Astro Africa ensures that the onlinesecurity of its users is a top priority by integrating the platform with strong internet firewalls. Constant upgrades to the security architecture of the platform are carried out to ensure continuous security for users’ data.



Astro App is free to use; there is no registration fee or any additional charge for using the app.

How to Use Astro App



The steps for using the Astro App are as simple as

- Download the application from the Google play store or the Apple Store.

Create an account and sign in with your login details.

- Select the type of card you want to trade

- Submit the card details

- Await confirmation; once the card is verified, you will be credited instantly.

Click here to download the Astro Africa App on Google Play store.

Visit Astro Africa Website

Get started today, and enjoy the unique experience of using the Astro App.

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