[POEM]- Heart Break _(written by _ M.T FATER)

Content analysis: POEM
Title : Heart Break. 
Author: M.T FATER

Hear break Heart break,
Why are you so wicked?
Innocent souls are tracked down just in the name of *LOVE*
Why are you so poisonous?

When in the Shell, he humbles him self,
Like an Angel from heaven,
Like a baby in deep Sip of her mother's breast,
And sweeten like a orange fruit mixed with Sugar.

You celebrate and have fun,
The peace lended with accommodation is permanent in taght.
You smile and rise like a morning sun,
You are always fair as the moon.

Break-up  visitation is a must,
But with a low voice,
I ask, _why are you_
 _this dangerous?_
Your spirit would have been better if it was like that of Liquor,
Which rises with excitful deeds and falls like the breast of a old woman who is tired and weak,like a man tired with work.

With tears, Goodbye to *LOVE* is a cup of tea which can be drank in seconds,
 And so long as *LIFE* exist and Man Breath,
Heartbreak will also be in 80% existence.

With necessity,
Burry the hatch.
Take Heart
And try Hard.✍️

     _By MT Fater_......

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