SEE Billionaire David Ewofobe Bio & Networth (Ceo Nsogbu Records)

Profile Summary

Real Name David Ewofobe
Stage Name Golden Nsogbu
Date of birth June 7, 1992 
Nationality Nigerian
State of origin Delta State
Tribe Ughelli North
Education Business Management
Profession Business Man, Real Estate, Oil & Gas and  Entertainment
Net Worth $4.2 Billion


Golden Nsogbu Biography & All You Need To Know About The CEO Nsogbu Records
Golden Nsogbu, CEO of Nsogbu Records
Do you want to know about an expertise in the Music Industry? Here comes the biography of a young Nigerian business magnate and investor who is always focused on actualizing dreams. Ewofobe David popularly known as Golden Nsogbu, is the founder/CEO of Nsogbu Records which deals on signing and Bringing The Young Talent to a lime light via Entertainment Industry.
David Ewofobe was listed on Forbe Nigeria Billionaire  on Wikipedia 2020 & 2021 list.. As the fourth and fifth richest men in Nigeria, David Ewofobe networth is $4.2 Billion as of 2021.
Inspired by the likes of Don Jazzy, Dr Dolor and Emoney, Golden Nsogbu is simply a goal oriented entrepreneur with well packaged achievements.
Enough of his expertise, let's get to know him better.

Early Life & Background

Golden Nsogbu was born in Delta State on June 7, 1992 into the family of Ewofobe
He is originally a native of Ughelli North in Delta State.
He attended Government science secondary Maitama Abuja,
He also attended University of Alberta Canada

Golden Nsogbu Biography & All You Need To Know About The CEO Nsogbu Records

My Aims & Visions in the Industry is to make Nsogbu Records Bigger And Influential, And also to produce different Star stars in the Industry, He Quote!!!
Nsogbu Records was launched due to the love I have for Music and also to bring out different talent out there, for the world to know Them!!!.

About Nsogbu Records

Here’s what you need to know about Nsogbu Records:
Nsogbu Records is a Trusted Recording Media company duly registered under Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission with the name “Nsogbu Records“ We take pride in giving Young Talent the best of Upbringing In The Entertainment Industry and at the same time never limit their choices to the norm. We are the best but believe in simplicity, and soon we would take over Nigeria and beyond, Nsogbu Records was launched in the year 2018 and has a frontier act named Popular via IG @popularisloud
Golden Nsogbu Biography & All You Need To Know About The CEO Nsogbu Records
Instagram: @nsogbu_records_
CEO Contact:
Golden Nsogbu is also on Instagram @golden_nsogbu


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