Trishawnary confirms exit from Rollerman Music Label


Out of desperation for success and fame, some Nigerian artists make the mistake of signing contracts with their record labels without the counsel of a lawyer, which sometimes comes back to haunt them.

Often Nigerian record labels insist that they have invested a lot of money in the artists and that they are entitled to every cent.

Nigerian singer, Trishawnary came into the music scene in 2019 with his song, “Banger“, he got signed to Rollerman Music Label as of that time.

Now in 2021, he is embroiled in a gruelling battle with the record label. The reason for the dispute was reportedly over the singer’s disgust at having to play second Fidel to the Vixx who was signed before him, he asked for the termination of his 4-year contract which he signed in 2019 and was supposed to expire in 2022 but he exited the label without fulfilling the terms of his contract.

Meanwhile, the singer has been made to pay heavily for such exit. Thereby although he is independent now? We can’t say for sure if he has the financial strength to sustain an active career in the Nigerian music scene.

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