MC Galaxy-KMB- Biography_ @snazzy


Kaambe Goodness Aondodoo popularly known as Mc Kmb Galaxy Hails from Guma local government area of Benue state.
He was Born into the family of late Sir Thadeus Kaambe the son of Kaambe the one time kindred head of the people of Kaambe, Guma local government area of Benue state.

He started as a comedian. In the University, he was voted the Most popular student in the department of mass communication. In 2019/2020 he contested for the post of P.R.O and he won. In 2017, Slikish organized a party at Ikpayongo and Mc Kmb Galaxy also attended.
He joined a group called Dhope Nation Entertainment. He is currently signed as their official hype man.

According to him his family’s love for entertainment can not be hidden in his community. Growing up in Wadata to him has so many influences on him.
He was in love with going to Makurdi carnival at ibb square since in his jss classes. According to him, he had always wanted to be celebrated

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