Born on the 5th day of May 1987, Chioma Richmond is one of the outstanding and fast rising movie stars in Nollywood.

A native of Mgbelu Umunnekwu Amawo in Isuikwuato LGA in Abia State Nigeria, she had her Primary school in Ankpa Central School and further attende her Secondary education at Quaiboe Secondary school and higher institution at at Kogi State College of Education where she obtained an (NCE) national certificate in education, and studied (PES/SOS) primary education studies / social studies
She is the last child of her parents. She had six other siblings.

The fact that death is inevitable, Chioma Richmond lost her parents and her siblings to the cold hand of death years ago, leaving a male and three female as the surviving children of Richmond which Chioma is among.

Having come from a humble family, had the burning positive desire and love for acting from young age.

This led to the moral support she got from her mother whom she shared her vision and mission of acting which she finally made a reality.

Narrating my experiences and the circumstances in my journey to Nollywood will encourage everyone in there various field of life.

I joined nollywood first of all from my dream its sounds so funny but that’s the truth.

I started seeing myself acting with so many top actors in my dream and then no way to join , when I heard that one of my paternal uncle was into movie I will not mention his name but he knows himself , my late mum gave me some money to travel to Enugu and tell him my dream of becoming an actor.

I got to his house and explained to him only for him to discourage telling me all negative aspect of been an actor, I cried bitterly in my heart as a little girl then , when he saw that I was almost bringing out tears he now told me that if I insist the only help he can render me was to give me a guys number that stays in aba called (prince) I replied with so much pains in my heart no problem uncle and later in the evening I left Enugu to my village and told my mum everything and she told me not to worry that God will make a way for me.

The next day I traveled to aba where I was staying with my late sister who was schooling at abia state polytechnic then and also told her she now suggested I should call the prince first and when I called him i introduced myself and he told me my uncle already told him about me that I should get ready he will take me to ogbor hill aba for an audition then I didnt know what was audition but I played along , reaching there they were so much crowd and I became so tensed , after everything I was shocked to hear that I was the winner and will be the one to mime the musical video and I was so happy the director asked how much he will pay me I told him he should give me sometimes to go home and ask my elder sister , and after everything I started coming for rehersal.

One faithful day the director asked me to see him in his hotel room and I turned him down , the next day I came for rehearsal he brought another girl to compete with me and finally he took away the role from me , and all our neighbor already knew I was going for the rehearsal due to so much excitement, and when I got home that day I cried and cried and cried my late sister said to me chioma do you want to kill yourself don’t worry if acting is your destiny it will surely come to pass, and within some days I started getting myself and the director called me and said for turning me down you will never be a star here in aba as far as he is concerned and then I was with secondary school certificate , due to the threatening from him I now traveled back to kogi and enrolled in college of education and told myself Chioma forget everything about movie, to my creates surprise I was still having that similar dream where am shooting with stars and after my school I now relocated to PH and finally joined movie till date and God has been faithful to me.

Chioma Richmond is her pure and clear interpretation of any role given to her as she delivers her lines with undiluted expression in accordance with writers and directors’ opinion and matching her actions with the sweet tune of her voice.

Chioma Richmond has featured in good number of movies including: Family Mistakes, The Missing Prince,
evil Sacrifice,
Kill and Bury, Teller (by Mark Angel ), Amakas Fate, The Gods at Range,
The Evil King, Priceless Maiden, Yahoo King,
My Foolish Wife,
Yhe Priestess,
Igbo King,
Virgins in Gomorrah,
Canon Shot,
Dragon Warrior,
Where did you sleep last night,
The Village People,
Orphan Seven,
A date with Fate, Etc.

She is versital, multi-talented, friendly and easy going personality. A beautiful single young lady to look upto in every ramification, even in her legendary journey in Nollywood and beyond.


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