Who Is The Fixer? - Don Crucifixto - Fix, Genius no longer a word when it comes to the music from the crew


A year ago Chief Executive Officer of Don Crucifixto, Tumininu Oluyole, better known as Tumi, announced that the label would be releasing music for the label anthem aptly Entitled ‘Don Crucifixto’ - the track features the Label boss himself, UK-based music star and hitmaker Sean Dampte, and ace producer and songwriter, Joey Benks.

Not only is the track a befitting label introduction into the mainstream Nigerian Afrobeat market but also a testament to how big it has grown.
Don Crucifixto enjoyed and enjoys massive support from Radio Stations, Clubs, fans and critics alike including online digital streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple and AudioMack.

365 days later, enter “Don Crucifixto Fix” - a remix to an already classic song that has been reviewed as a groovy song of class and levels.
The quality of the beat and melody as the voices ride on them creates a Psychedelic feeling that before now was only reserved for music gods but only points to the prowess of Savage Music in-house producer Joey Benks and then you notice the apt delivery of Sean Dampte himself - the recently crowned ‘Baba Won’ of the Nigerian Afrofusion music as he methodically brings moisture to places that can make use of them like the art of squeezing oranges but I know we get the drift.
Like if corkiness needed a new face, Sean DAMPTE baits his audience tantalizingly offering advice for them ‘Hide your Girls or na one chance’ proving again his non deniable appeal with the opposite sex.
Don Crucifixto is no longer just a name but a fixture in this part of the Afrobeat Evolution and with a fix! Can we rest assured a fixer is not yet around?
However, “Allow me” - in the eternal words of SEAN DAMPTE
Put this track on replay.
But I may need to save first!


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