Officially Out: Music titled 'Gasoline' by Mac & A.K.

Gasoline - Mac & A.K.

The Long-awaited song is finally out!

This is a melody that is standing wakeful and symbolizing the heart and soul and the diversity of real Hip hop that the likes of Notorious B.1.G and Tupac Amur Shakur stood up for. It undoubtedly is the perfect tribute song to his late twin brother “Mac”. It is an absolute ideal of Hip hop musical mastery and any real hip-hop lover cannot wait for the album to be released so they can drown themselves into its effervescent authenticity.

The video quality brags of high-quality Production as it focuses on his sole art of rap- fusion telling the reality in his unapologetic lyrics in the most intricate and detailed of ways while keeping it flowing and simple. He is walking around a railway line and an abandoned station in California with the video highlighting/echoing with sensation beauty of the moderate pitch, his stacking vocal lines all the while without disrupting the flow of intricate patterns and phrases. 

Produced by: Mac Pacino

Stream the track now 👇

Format: mp3

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