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Everyone is bound to move at least once in a lifetime and with all the pressures of day-to-day life search4property.co.za is there to ensure that your move is a seamless and painless one.

Whether you are looking to buy, rent or share a house, our platform is the one-stop-shop for everything property. Our safe and reliable platform enables homebuyers and renters to browse through over 10 000 properties ranging from apartments, houses, plots, or even residential stands from all over South Africa listed by reputable Agents in the country with just a click of a button. 

That’s not all, individuals also looking to sublet a room or rooms in their houses and apartments can also list their spaces on our platform.

Worried about whether you will afford the property or not? Worry not, you are in the right place, search4property.co.za will not only show you the properties and location, we will also show you the prices and all the necessary steps you need to take until you get your dream home. 

Because buying a house is a lifetime investment, our dedicated team will also provide a record of house sales dating back years to give you an idea of current market values in your search area thereby assisting you in making an informed purchase. 

Our global footprint

South African is our home base, the international market expansion is also a key focus for business and our international footprint is to expand into Nigeria & Ireland

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