Khabir, Joey Benks, Super High Bee & Sean Dampte Give Soul Spinning Number On Underrated

 Khabir, Joey Benks, Super High Bee & Sean Dampte Give Soul Spinning Number On Underrated

Auspicious young act, Khabir comfortably fits his feet with the top dogs, Sean Dampte, Joey Benks, Super High Bee to flex on some cool pitch in the new number, ‘Underrated.’
Khabir is set on the track churning out nothing short of quality lyrics ever since his journey began with Don Crucifixto Entertainment in 2021.
His debut and sophomore tracks lay credit to his art and a lot to say about his tenacity.

On what can be described as the mentoring hands of the OGs, the trio of them have effortlessly made and continue to make fire anthems together; point in a note referring to their previous collaboration, ‘No Regular.’ Khabir makes a great spice to what we have been familiar with and tireless of on ‘Underrated.’ He ensures a distinct melody and at the same time an impressive balance with Sean Dampte, the known ‘Awoodah’ King, veteran producer and composer, Joey Benks with the unbeatable energy from Super High Bee.

With ‘Underrated,’ we are heralded into the quadrangle world of these easy soul-spinning charged-up singers in 2022. We are welcomed into the relentless vibration of their creative year both together and independently. So many surprises in stock but yet unsurprising of them because that’s what they do.
The message is clear that “Who wan chop, better must work”
The Track “Underrated” is truly a song for the underdog! and when
You are done listening,
You will know why and how!
The track is produced by ace singer/songwriter Idahams for Savage Music Inc (Nig)

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