Meet Oba, Nigeria Newest Superstar


A truly unique up and coming talent Victor A. Olojido is the artist known as Oba. He is CEO and chief artist of Oba Records and Production LLC Florida. This international talent and production company was founded by his wife in 2018 shortly after becoming the primary promoter for Oba, then known as V.I.C.

Born in Benin from a Yoruba father from Ondo state and mother from Edo state. Oba spent his youth in boarding institutions from different European countries and later earned degrees in Law and Management. But his true passion was making music, not only in church but with friends. Music brought him at a young age to far away Russia, Azerbaijan, Canada, America and Turkey, performing live on different stages, before returning home for more studio time. His first collaborative project titled High Beauty, was a feature with the artist Jason.

Oba has since helped his wife Christina White of the online program Cuppa Time conduct three world tours. The third is under way with one of the primary goals to set up a series of studio houses where artists can come and create in a safe and attractive environment. Currently recording his first full E.P at Studio House One in Lagos Nigeria, his team believes this body of work is not only inspired but world changing music

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