What You Didn’t Know About The Death Of Sylvester Oromoni


What You Didn’t Know About The Death Of Sylvester Oromoni


Controversy Has Trailed The Death Of A Pupil Of Dowen College, Sylvester Oromoni.

On Tuesday, November 30th Sylvester Oromoni jnr, a junior secondary school Jss2, student of Dowen College, Lagos Southwest Nigeria died.

The 12-year-old student succumbed to wounds ALLEGEDLY suffered from a violent beat-up by school bullies. The school authorities claimed Sylvester sustained injuries while playing football but the father of the deceased schoolboy (Mr Sylvester Oromoni) saidʻʻ He told us that he was not playing football, he did not go to the field. He said he was in his room with his classmates sleeping in the evening”.
Alleged faces and names of killers that were said to be behind the wounds that lead to the death of Sylvester Oromoni jnr was revealed with a twitter handle @perrisonoromi. The Lagos state government shut down the school to allow investigation on the murder of Oromoni.

But the stories, statements and explanations are just not adding up!!!!!!!!

Mr Oromoni said the family flew the deceased to Warri where blood test and an X-ray was conducted. He said junior also underwent typhoid/malaria treatments but his mouth started peeling in excess of malaria drug effects….


*. Why is the doctor who administered malaria drugs to the young Sylvester said to be unreachable?

*. To what extent could the testimony of Sylvester be believed if he mentioned a day student amongst his alleged bullies?

*. How come he denied playing football, when his friends reported he played football and collided with a fellow student?

*. What prompted the family to subject him on a long tortious journey to Warri, when he should have been treated at any of the clinics in Lagos?

*. At what point did the story conveniently switch to him dying as result of bullying?

*. If he gave wrong information about the identity of the students he claimed to be bullying, could he also be giving wrong information on other points?
*. What malaria drug was administered to him?

*. At what point did malaria treatment turn to pains from beating?

Late Sylvester JR: FINDING THE TRUTH!!

Can Mr Oromoni tell us the name of the medical outfit where an X-ray was done on late Sylvester?

The parents of late Sylvester Oromoni’s deserve the sympathy and kindness of the Nigerian people. The world needs to know the facts and the truths of this case. We need to know who is lying and who is actually liable.

A range of key questions pops up as objectivity scans available details of the sad and unfortunate experience. It is pertinent to confirm if late Sylvester actually played soccer (football) with his friends. The authorities of Dowen College said he did.
Who are the boys he played football with? Have the boys been identified by the school authorities? If yes, where are they?

Interestingly, a student of the school is said to have admitted that he was the person who collided with Sylvester in the course of the soccer game.

Who was this particular boy? What is his name? Where is he?
Late Sylvester is said to have visited the school’s medical facility for medical attention. As one probes this case deeper, the need to investigate this aspect of the widely circulating story about the sad incident stands out.
Sylvester Oromoni Junior is said to have been bullied (gang-beaten) by a group of senior students, and that he mentioned the names of the seniors before his sudden and painful passing.
Were there bruises or injuries on late Sylvester’s body suggesting that he was gang-beaten?
What about his sore lips? We hear the gang that beat him forced a substance down his throat.
Going by the story that a substance was forced into late Sylvester’s throat after the gang-beating, it goes to say that there was a struggle in the process – Sylvester resisted!
Did the struggle cause part of the substance to spill on any part of his body other than his lips?
Was there or is there any such sign on Sylvester’s body suggesting a spill of the corrosive substance?

A credible, non-biased autopsy is capable of answering this particular question and more, in relation to the substance that was said to have been forced into his guts.

In addition, the general public was told that the authorities of Dowen College called Sylvester’s parents to come and take him home for medical attention. Nigerians need to know the name and location of the medical outfit that Sylvester’s parents took him to for medical attention.

What was the finding of the medical outfit he was taken to?

We hear an X-ray was done on Sylvester based on the tough pains he said he was feeling in his waists and in other parts of his bone structure. According to Dowen College in its press release, late Sylvester’s guardian took him (Sylvester) for an X-ray and informed the management of the school that the result of the X-ray revealed that no part of his body was broken or injured.

Where did the severe body pain that late Sylvester suffered before his death come from?
What is the name of the medical outfit that conducted the X-ray on Sylvester?
Where is it located?
Does the medical outfit not owe this case and the general Nigerian public an explanation?
The medical facility that did the X-ray needs to tell the world its observations and findings independent of what late Sylvester’s guardian is said to have told the school authorities (of Dowen College).
This case should be made to serve as a deterrent to the ill-treatment of students in our schools. There is no gain saying that the students lodged in the boarding facilities of Dowen College are a breathing testimony to the existence of a contract between the school and the students’ parents.
Did Late Sylvester lose his life to bullying? To remote complications from injuries incurred from a game of soccer? Or to some other action or inaction not yet told to the public?.

The facts and truths of this case deserve to be known.

The journey of arriving at the facts of the Sylvester Oromoni Jr case continues in the craft of critical thinking/critical questioning. All parties involved in the case in question need to have their statements and actions analyzed.
There was a gap of about six days between when late Sylvester was taken out of the premises of Dowen College by his guardian and when he was said to travel by road with his father to Warri for medical attention.
How was Sylvester condition handled by his guardian/parents within this critical time-frame.
An online video showed Late Sylvester straining and writhing in thorough severe pains. Did his father actually travel with him to Warri by road in such condition?
Is Warri better equipped with competent medical facilities than Lagos? WHY WARRI?
It could be that the Oromoni family have a family doctor in Warri or that it has a medical facility in Warri that its members patronize as a matter of family tradition, so as to speak.
What is the name of the place Mr Oromoni took his son to in Warri (Delta State) for medical treatment? Where is it located?
The boys whose names Late Sylvester was said to have mentioned before his death as the persons who gang-beat him need to be thoroughly questioned.
Their statements are indispensable to unearthing the facts of the case at hand!
The precedence and antecedence of parties involved in this case need to be known.
Do the boys said to have been mentioned by Late Sylvester have a history of bullying their juniors at school? Do they belong to a cult? Is there or are there student cults in Dowen college?
We hear that one of the boys said to have been mentioned by Late Sylvester is a day-student. The boys who were said to have beaten Sylvester in his room; we were told, switched off the room’s light. This simply means that the gang-beating of Sylvester occurred at night.

What was a day-student doing at night on campus?

Does Dowen College allow day-students to stay over in its hostels (at night)?

If yes, why? Under what circumstances?

If no, do Dowen College authorities deserve to be accused of Negligence?

Late Sylvester was said to have mentioned the name of the boys who were alleged to have beaten him while he was in severe pains?
To what extent can the words or statement of someone or of a kid in adverse health state be relied upon as testimony to the fact?
Is it not possible for late Sylvester, under such pain, to have been in a state of hallucination? Just asking!!
We need the facts of this matter. We need the truth to be upheld on this case.
Many questions awaiting answers!!

Why did Mr Oromoni take Sylvester to a spiritual house in Warri instead of a hospital?

Late Sylvester was treated at home for a few days. Evercare hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Lekki and it’s just 2 minutes down the road from Dowen College. Why wasn’t Sylvester taken there?
For parents with so much money, why take the child on such a stressful road trip to Warri? He was in a critical condition yet you travelled the bad road with him.
In all the videos uploaded why was he seen at home? No clips from the hospital, where is the hospital he was taken to for treatment at? Does it mean this child was left at home with just ʻʻ make we manage the body e go dey alright”
According to the new autopsy report, for a child to have physical evidence of a harmful substance, trust me the internal organs should be worse? And if this child was taken to a hospital, the doctor was supposed to discontinue whatever medication that was been administered because it was having side effects.
How did Sylvester survive for 6 days with the alleged corrosive substance in his system?
We Nigerians would have dealt with Jesus, before he even got to Pontius Pilate. The mob mentality is something else. Yea, unfortunately a young man died from the carelessness of the parents than from any other sources. In desperation they knee jerked around to get scape goats, believing the hullabaloo would be enough to drown any discerning voice calling for reasonable deductions. Yea I was among those who reacted without asking questions, until the attorney in me prevailed, the questions begging for answers are much, but the first step is to apprehend the doctor who administered malaria drugs to Sylvester.

This is just an issue of negligence. At this point it feels that way because of all the evidence that have been trying to bring out point to negligence.

The overdose of malaria drugs.

The chemical reaction with drugs and whatever the child took.

If a proper test was carried out on that child, definitely that chemical would have been found in the child’ system. I wouldn’t say there was no bullying. There was but negligence killed this child.
You travelled all the way from Lagos to Warri with a sick child?

Even evidence showed the parents barely visited the boy when he was in school. So you can imagine! Now you are coming out to cry justice. But immediate and in fact emergency attention to that child won’t have killed him.

At what point did Sylvester make those confessions? Was it in Lagos or Warri? Why didn’t the guardian/parents raise any alarm? What happened within those 6days? Could it be that Sylvester was as sick as he was till he got to Warri? Could it be that, the guardian/parents have administered herbs which probably had caused an allergic reaction? Did Sylvester have any known ailment?
Why isn’t there a video of Late Sylvester actually calling the names of those who gang-beat him or one of him narrating the tale of what happened that night?

I think we’re forgetting that the boys involved aren’t aliens, terrorist or militants. They’re children. Teens who’s right were infringed upon during the course of the investigation.

Can we sit back and actually hear from these children what really happened? We all want justice but it shouldn’t be at the detriment of these young lads. We come at them with pitchforks and knives like butchers ready for the kill, not ready to give ear to the other parties, turning a blind eye to the huge loopholes and deaf ear to our voices of reason.

If Late Sylvester was beaten up and bullied, that means the bullying didn’t just start. It must have been happening before then.
Sylvester had a sibling in the same school with him. How did the alleged bullying go unnoticed? Someone must have noticed something. Were there changes in his academic performances? Bullying has been known to affect a child’s academic performance. How didn’t his teachers notice anything?
There are always signals or signs that readily shows a child is been bullied.
How weren’t the signs there or weren’t they visible enough, just asking!!
In conclusion, the fact that if these other kids are been accused falsely, will ruin their lives and the fact that there have been different stories coming even from the family members are enough reasons to launch a much deeper probe into the case of Late Sylvester Oromoni Jr.

The truth needs to be uncovered for justice to be served.

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