Awwooof! With just 500 Naira Win thousands of naira daily at the ongoing RABA quiz and brain teasers


  Today we celebrate National pride as we make enormous strides to go beyond the basics of progress and innovation, by presenting a unique solution for all. Rewards for being smart or simply gifts to be won by lucky people, call it what you want, but this was a unique thought that brought about the concept we now know to be the Raba-App.  


How does it work? Raba-app is a cool mix of fun and games while also winning cash prizes doing so. Every day there will be quizzes and brain teasers that will be posted via the Raba-app Instagram page which will carry varying cash sums, participants would then need to log onto the site and open/activate an account with just N500, this automatically opens a wallet where winnings will be supplied. Once activation is complete simply click on the ‘Redeem’ display on the website to submit answers to the quizzes, and immediately wallets are credited with the cash sum as offered. It’s that simple!


Speaking about the product, (Name of the individual), (Designation and role to the brand), said,

“We have loads of smart people out there, who by certain challenges and unknown means seem to struggle. The idea behind Raba-app was to simply recognize this and plug in such that we can include the average Nigerian, youth or otherwise who really are quite vast in number and as such present endless opportunities. We are trying to create great prospects from the opportunities around us, which is why there is no cut-off or metrics to join, anyone can participate and be rewarded in quick Raba, give it a try and see for yourself.”


The Raba-app web platform is just the beginning, as the mobile application is already in the works, meaning people don’t have to sit and stare at their laptop or PC devices all day in hopes of getting a chance, however, participants who have failed the answer 3 times would need to reactivate their accounts using the same process as before. There is also a section for watching videos which would also have their reward sums. Raba-App truly presents endless possibilities.


How to Participate in Raba

Your 7 step guide


Step 1 - Go to the Instagram page @raba-app


Step 2 - Follow post on quiz & brain teasers


Step 3 - Go to to activate the account with just N500


Step 4 - Click on the ‘Redeem’ display on the top menu


Step 5 - Enter answer on the ‘Input field’ provided


Step 6 - Wallets will be credited instantly, click on withdraw to send to the bank account


Step 7 - Receive an alert in minutes and smile all the way to the bank



How Do I Win?

Posts on social media have cash sums attached to them, simply activate your account, enter answers in the input field and your wallet gets credited instantly. You can withdraw sums directly to your bank from your wallet.


How Do I Activate My Account?

Register on the Raba-app website and activate your account with just N500 payable through Debit card, USSD, Bank transfer, Barter, Migo, Pay attitude, NQR.


What Is a Wallet?

It is opened on account activation, when correct answers have been filled the wallet is instantly credited. There is no charge for opening or keeping money in the wallet.


What Happens If I Get Answers Wrong?

You are allowed 3 attempts. Upon the 3rd failed attempt, you will be required to re-activate your account with just N500 using the various pay options.


How Do I Withdraw

Go to the Withdraw display then select a bank, account number & account name and click Withdraw to send funds to the bank account.

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