EVENT: Lifecard International Investment Presents Day Of The Advantage to Celebrate Their Partners & Investors


Lifecard International Investment presents you with the official unveil of THE ADVANTAGE.

“Lifecard International Investments is a wealth creation company providing profitable real estate investment opportunities to aspiring Landlords and Investors.”

The real estate sector in Nigeria is enjoying dynamic changes that have been yielding positive results, such that investors, partners, and experts are proud to talk about and are enthusiastic about its future. Ofure Ibhakhomu, an alumnus of the prestigious Lagos Business School, Owner’s Management Programme (OMP24) set, has been in the real estate sector for over a decade.

MD: Grace Ofure Ibhakhomu

CHAIRMAN: Christopher Ibhakhomu

Lifecard is a luxurious and modern real estate investment in Lagos. Furnished with all the modern amenities and good road network, this beautiful project is the future of Home in Lagos. The event was held on Saturday 22nd of January. They also  exhibit The Advantage Property, reward their partners, celebrate investors and the team responsible for this special project. Check Below to see pictures from the just concluded event. READ MORE HERE


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