Biography of BabaNero, Early Life & Career



Francis Robert Ambida Popularly Known as “BabaNero" was born on 1985 in cross river state , calabar.

Babanero was born into the family of Mr/mrs Magreate Robert Ambida, his from Akpetion Ethnie group in cross river state in Sovthen southern Nigerian.

Babanero attended Presbyterian primary school in Akparavuni, Biase LGA, he also proceeded his secondary school at Duoley Reexes college Akute Ogun state.

He also studies in Hmm computer High school Ikeja Lagos.

He graduated from online business school of standard university California, as business management, for the years of studies he performed at school organized shows and parties as well as other regional schools shows.

He performed in Churches with his follow chorister members as he eventually dropped out to pursue his music career.

Babanero as official been called is a starter composing an singing jingle at marayer d club in Ebony state In 2003 in a short time in relocated to his state, Cross River State an starting rocking stag with  artist like  Ogeneaga , 2nice money , Georgino, mr shadow , No face an many more.

Babanero first album which comprises of tracks blow:-

1. I nobi ogbanbie ft no face an 2nice money (2.) Goga baby 

3. Enemies (4) Blexd higher 

5. thank you Jehovah

6. My new dance (7) Hala habanero

8.Ghetto love ft Ogeneaga

9. Help me brother ft Elex an 2fresh.

Babanero was working with underground music inc with shado production, fresh house music entertainment upon leaving the music label  underground music inc. He setup his own music company called Babanero great minds music concept in 2010. Lunched in Biase LGA.

Peace carnival &calabar carnival his word are:- As a vocalist i will vocalize even in my vacation i will voice ferate an voice vorious with Ukpet an English language into the 21st century music.

Dont touch d dice cus i no be agbanbier. He also lunch his first album edition under his record label great mind music entertainment concept on 16th july

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