From Apprenticeship to a world class Studio owner- "Baba Slowingz"Set to unveils multimillion Recording studio in makurdi Benue state

From an apprentice to a owner of a world class studio: Nine Years of Evolution of my Workspace.*

Nine years ago, after my apprenticeship at Fidelis Shami (Fidel Shamel studio in Makurdi), Terfa Ignatius Ukende (st hills studio in Makurdi) and Indomix Studio in Lagos, I created my first home workstation. I was doing 100% of my production from home, not from buying time in people's studios. The transformation of my workspace over nine years is directly connected with major changes in my career and family life. They are about equipment upgrade, mastery and computers as much as about memories of challenges and triumphs, of growing as a teacher, student, and above all, a human. Below is a short narrative of the journey so far;
After living in my house for some years, I moved my workspace to the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) neighborhood of Logo1 where I rented a room at Iorzua Ayatse street. Few months into the new space, I bought some least gadgets to aid production from the little I was making in the studio, proceeds from shows I was attending as an artist and some other hustles.
The strongest memories of this workspace in Logo1 include hosting tutorials with few people who came to learn production under my tutelage, production for Mike ZuleZoo, Tsaga, Jkobi Torgodobi Imande Kvng James Igbo and the coming of Terfa Osaze Gbatumaan Terfa Osaze Gbatemaan who came to my studio with the recommendation of a friend and artist, Mr Young Entertainer.

Due to some setbacks and betrayals, I later relocated the studio to my house in Gaadi layout which could help me concentrate on my studies too ( I was at this time an undergraduate student in Benue state university). The
apartment where the studio was stationed was an efficiency/utility. My workspace covered the entire living area, leaving just a small portion for customers, making it difficult for me to do production for live band customers.

I lived here for just a year. My strongest memory is neither the more content.

More update coming soon 🔥

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