MUSIC: Xander 042 – Biafra


Sensational US based Nigerian Artiste , Alex Chukwu, popularly known as Xander 042 has released a song titled Biafra. In his lyrics, the message sender took his time to express his dissatisfaction on political disenfranchisement and over biased mind of the Nigeria government towards the people of Eastern region, which has being lingering for decades now , without any positive improvement on how to adjust in accommodating every tribe. Hence, this young talented Star has asked federal government many questions through his anticipated newly released song titled “Biafra”, and demands urgent answer from the Nigeria government in the song. “Is this what we discussed? Emphasizing on Aburi accord meeting that was held in Ghana in 4th and 5th January 1967, which reached to an agreement that each region would be responsible for its own affairs, hence the federal military government responsible for matters that affected the entire country. Lt. Col .Yakubu Gowon breaking of the promises on Ghana Aburi meeting between the federal delegates of Nigeria, the supreme military council and Eastern delegates led by its leader, Governor Chukwuemeka Odumuegwu Ojukwu, inspired Xander to ask many questions on his song, which needs urgent response from the goverment , at the same time agitating for “I want my freedom, self determination, equal right and justice”, asked by concerned lyricalist Xander. We could recall the unforgotten incident of forming of Biafra by Igbo nationalists and the declaration of Independent of the Republic of Biafra by lieutenant Colonel Emeka Odumuegwu Ojukwu in 30th May 1967, over ethnic tension, the killing of Igbos in the military post coup violence that led to the death of Aguiyi Ironsi on 15th January 1966 , religious persecution , massacre of 1966 against Eastern in the North by the Muslims. And that was the major factors that sparked the Nigeria civil war that ended on 15th January 1970.   The secession which later ended on peace talk and amnesty granted to the people participated on Biafra side, after about 100,000 overall military casualties, while between 500,000 and 2 million Biafran civilians died of starvation. Nigerian victory brought about the dissolution of the Republic of Biafra. 6 July 1967 – 15 January 1970; 2 years, 6 months, 1 week and 2 days, the territorial changed and Biafra. Xander couldn’t hold back his dissatisfaction over unchangeable situation where by Igbos sense of belonging in Nigeria politics has always been denied, especially on the present administration of Buhari goverment , hence appointing only hausa Fulani as the top officials , positions that was meant to be shared to the three ethnic groups in participation, if they really wanted one Nigeria they preach all the time.
This prompted this talented musical star to stand tall in being the voice of Biafran masses , just like his mentor Nnamdi Kanu, in agitating for his freedom of separation from the current Nigeria and its goverment in reclaiming his Republic of Biafra , The Rising Sun and and a nation where his fundamental human right and the rest of Biafrans too, will not be denied . For more information, please contact: IG: @Xander042official FB page : Xander 024 TW: @Imxander042 Web:     STREAM HERE || BUY HERE   DOWNLOAD MP3

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