Recompense, a high anticipated movie featuring star actors Daniel Lloyd, Helen Paul and others to hit cinema


Recompense: Blockbuster movie starring Helen Paul, Daniel Lloyd and others to hit cinema nationwide

Recompense: Blockbuster movie starring Helen Paul, Daniel Lloyd and others to hit cinema nationwide

New powerhouse entertainment entrant, BSK studios debuts with Recompense, which is set for its cinema release across the Nation. 

Recompense is a gripping tale of the downsides of misogyny and the unspoken sisterhood that revolves around the lives of six women as they navigate societal suffocating boots, family ties and betrayal. Each woman forging her own path in a new country. 


It features a stellar cast of Akinlami Babatunde, Tonia Nwōsù, Helen Paul, Florence Onuma amongst others. The screenplay for the film was written by Michael Onuma and directed by Kingsley Ukaegbu. 

Speaking about the movie project and why people should anticipate the official release, the director Kingsley Ukaegbu said: "Times are changing and people are evolving, to progress we can’t keep holding on to our traditional values totally, and I say totally because sometimes we need that traditional anchor to find our way back. In a big world that makes it easy to get lost, this applies to both sexes. 

"Recompense is a No-holds-barred movie that addresses the misogyny some Women go through, the liberty some women abuse and the ripple effect of choices we make".

"These stories are very peculiar to we Africans and it’s imperative they are told. Myself And my Team went the extra mile to bring some of this stories to fruition. I am quite confident it will be a major hit and people can resonate with the story", he added. 

On the cusp of the movie, he said: " While we try to beat patriarchy and misogyny we also need to combat the growing trend of misandry which is also something that isn’t very much talked about.The onus to do better lies on both men and women". 

The Movie is expected to hit cinemas across the nation later in the year and is currently promoted on mainstream news platforms by Aflik, a media distribution agency in USA

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