Nigerian fast rising singer Bad – x Anendah finally change his Stage name to July Anendah -@Snazzy-07086856282

Recently, Budding afrofusion Nigerian singer, announced on social media platforms that he would no longer go by his stage name called “Bad x Anendah “, he would now go by the stage name “July Anendah“.

Middle belt fast rising singer and Rapper Anendah Cephas who’ is professionally known as Bad -x Anendah finally changed his Stage name , from
Bad -x Anendah to July Anendah.

July Anendah hails from Kwande local Government area of benue state, July Anendah who has been crawling under his own blueprints label ..Loud voice music (LVM). For the past years is now set to blow up to the world

The fast rising act finally break out with a new Stage name and he captions it “July Anendah“

According to July Anendah he said, changing his Stage name is another start over and also a ready to go move in his musical career..

He further on promised to package his fresh brand now to the world.  
Now adding to this,he also said the world should not get it twisted about his sudden change of name because actually the name best explains who he really is and what he is up to!He said he was born on the first day of the month of july 1995,and lately,he has discovered that both in his musical career and other social interactions he has got to know that he has been of influence to many people.
The young fast rising rapper/singer explains his name below ✍️👇🏻👇🏻


He said he stands out for justice in everything he does,he has been loyal to the game and the world at large,he stands to unite and most of all he is still a youth for the youth.
He went ahead to encourage other artistes across the world to unite and as well keep their heads up for the bigger one soon coming.

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