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Don Brymo was born as Brymo Uchegbu. He is a Nollywood actor and a television personality. He was born in 1966 in Anambra State the same state he hails from.

He had both his primary school and secondary school education in Anambra State.

His acting career began when he finished his secondary school and was performing stage dramas but officially joined Nollywood industry in 2000.

Realdonbrymo as his Instagram handle goes by, is a veteran Nollywood actor and also a seasoned singer, a good source of finding out about how the nigerian entertainment industry operates. 

Don brymo has acted alots of movies and also have his latest song we currently vibing to 'MIO NI GBA'.

TRENDING🔥: Music] Don Brymo - Mio ni Gba

He has acted a number of movies in the course of his career. Some of the movies he Starred in include; No Money, The Fish Girl, Land of Fire, The Gods will Fight For Us, Oga Landlord and so many others.

He is very active and relevant in the industry and has contributed towards the upliftment of the industry.

[Biography] Full biography of Don Brymo ; Nigerian Actor and Musician

He has won some prestigious awards and nominations.

He is happily married to his lovely wife whom he calls his beloved and he is blessed with awesome children.

Fans can connect to Don brymo, via his handles

Facebook @Don Brymo

Tiktok @Don brymo

Instagram @Realdonbrymo

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