BREAKING NEWS: My Music Is Spirit Filled And Soul Touching - Gospel Artist Wealth .U. Michael


Who is Wealth .U. Michael?
European Gospel artist, Wealth Usigbe, musically known as Wealth .U. Michael, has revealed that her gospel music genre is highly spiritual and soul touching, she narrated that gospel is not  popular in Europe. In this conversation with Prince Fredoo Perry (her PRO and Official Blogger) , Wealth .U. Michael, who expressed her desire to feature Chioma Jesus in a song someday, also spoke about her admiration for Nigerian names and Nigerian gospel music, amongst other interesting things.
Who is Wealth .U. Michael?
I am Wealth Usigbe, a worship leader, a singer and a songwriter. I have been leading worship for over years.
 On Oct 7 2020, the Lord began to press upon my heart to start publishing and producing music that he has given me over the years. So, I started connecting with a network of musicians and producers to begin my journey as a Christian worship artist. I was blessed to meet  gospel lovers.




So what inspired you to choose Wealth .U. Michael as your brand name?




I wanted a name that not only displayed a representation of Christ, I also wanted something that I could always measure myself up against for accountability. You see, I believe there is power in a name. All of the names of God deliver power and hope to the one who receives him as that name, and that is what I wanted to have for myself. A name that elevates me to pray in hard times, pray in the good times and pray always. So what better name than Wealth? When I think of that name and how I represent it, I want to live up to the name. It’s also a beautiful word.
Why did you choose to do Gospel music?
I would have it no other way. I was reared in the church so the seed has always been a part of my life. As I grew up I never lost the love for God and giving him back the gift he so graciously gave me. God has done so much for me and I love Him. I count it an honor and very humbling to be able to bring forth praises to him and lead his sheep in worship weekly. I am looking forward to sharing this gift with the world!
How well known as a Gospel musician are you?
I don’t consider myself very well-known at all. I have been dedicated to my local church most of my life, so amongst my church family I am pretty popular (smiles). When it comes to the greater church and the world, I’m just getting started.
How receptive are Europeans to Gospel music? And to your music?
Gospel music has its place in Europe , but I do not believe it is popular or appreciated as it is in other countries. My music is just getting on the scene, so we’ll see how Europeans enjoy it.
Do you have any hit Gospel tracks?
Not yet! I’m feeling really good about the single, so I anticipate at some point I will by the grace of God.
Are you a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ or do you just do Gospel music?
I am a minister and teacher of the Gospel. I absolutely love to teach God’s word whenever I am previlledge. In my opinion, it’s actually hard to separate the two if an artist is truly committed to publishing God-centered music. You have to use so much of his word to be most impactful, that it only makes sense that Christian songwriters have some ability to deliver God’s Word.
Do you listen to African Gospel artists?
Yes, I do. I love Chioma Jesus and Judikay.
Do you have any favorite Nigerian Gospel song?
My favorite song is Okemmuo, Okemmuo by Chioma Jesus.
Have you ever been to Africa for a concert?
No I have not, but I would love to one day.
So what do you have cooking for music lovers around the globe?
 I have something special coming out. I am very proud of the single. The song truly ministers to the hope that is in Christ Jesus and the beautiful life that comes from living for him. I can’t wait for you all to hear it!
Would you like to feature any Nigerian or African Gospel artist in your future works?
I would definitely be open to that! I would love to do a song with Chioma Jesus one day.

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