CELEBRITY INTERVIEW With Jaey Breezy (Host. The Awesome Media)



The Awesome Media Promotions linked up with Nigeria music star Jaey Breezy!!!!
Excerpts below:
JTwarrior: Can we know you sir
Jaey Breezy: I go by the names of Justine Ezekiel a.k.a Breezy
JTwarrior:  What inspired the name Jaey Breezy
Jaey Breezy: I actually did start my career with the Brand name of Skinny Breezy and as time went on I decided to rebrand into Breezy and now it’s officially Jaey Breezy. The Jaey actually stands for the letter J from my first name Justine and Breezy just like the breeze my sound hovers and cover all corners in any point of view
JTwarrior:  Amazing, what genre of music do you do
Jaey Breezy: I rap, sing and flow to any sound of music that catches my ear! So I can equally say I’m all genres! That’s why they call me Mr Jump anything Lol. I express myself in whatever direction the the sound plays
JTwarrior: With the way music is evolving, what are you doing differently that will keep you in the game long term
Jaey Breezy: The evolution of music is a moving train which never stops for any passenger, with that been the case a determined passenger gets prepared and keeps fit to get on the train at any cost. I try to work hard on my game and steady progressing and adopting any necessary measure to the importance of craft and creativity for the pleasure of my fans and listeners so I always try to blend with the trend from my own perspective
JTwarrior: In every era, there's a rivalry, We've seen BNXN (Buju) Vs Rugar, Wizkid Vs Davido etc, who would you say is your competition
Jaey Breezy: I have always been the competition I encounter in my existence, not to be polite in any manner tho. Setting the bar for myself is one thing that has moulded me into the person I am so far, steady gearing to outshine whatever standard I attained in any given opportunity or platform and the same goes with the transition of my music from the day 1. I’ve been long in the game and I see in no other competition except me, so you can say that I am the yardstick lol
JTwarrior:  Talking about yardsticks, what are your aims in the music business let's say in 2,3 years time
Jaey Breezy : I look forward to my music been on top global charts in the nearest future and my sound to be a positive influence to both the younger and of course the older generation too
JTwarrior:  Any project(s) that you are currently working on?
Jaey Breezy: I’ve got couple projects on stores running and working on a new single “SOME THING set to be out very soon as my team is making sure that we have everything thing in place before releasing it out officially
Secondly we are working really hard to make sure we come up with an Album for the fans this Year
JTwarrior: Wow so many things you got going on with your music, how do you keep up with the music business
Jaey Breezy: Keeping up with the music Business is so not an easy Challenge especially for an Indie Artist whose solely responsible for absolutely everything required for a successful project out there. From strategies to funding and awareness and this is highly time and effort demanding but my team and I are making sure to give out the maximum that we can offer for the satisfaction of the Fans and Listeners
JTwarrior:  We've followed your growth over the years, but what could you still say is your biggest challenge in the music business
Jaey Breezy: To be very open with you, finance has been the greatest of all challenges there is in the music business because it stimulates the process and and helps to absorb so many pressure that always lead to the poor success of a project. Funding is the most essential aspect in the music business so there will always be challenges when it’s not sufficient but we still move lol. Na to Dey carry bull for horns reach where muscle weak then we go chain am rest small haha 😂
JTwarrior:  Wow,
What inspires you to each time you make music
Jaey Breezy: Anything Around me can inspire my message, my music is centered mostly on my experiences, either from me directly or about someone else around me. Either ways it’s basically real life
JTwarrior:  From Kaduna to Lagos, what has been the major upgrade for you musically through the years
Jaey Breezy: I will say the life experiences itself has been the major upgrade, the way of life in Lagos is practically different from Kaduna. The ups and downs actually build one’s  experience and also the widespread of opportunities  you cannot dispute. With the number of fellow acts but successful and up coming centered in that particular Location, gives room for improvement on steady base to everyone. Investors also and government aid is another important factor to improve the outcome of many talents within and even across. As they say “Lagos is the home of entertainment in Africa”
JTwarrior: If it should happen today, which artist would be your dream collaboration
Jaey Breezy: That should be OBO no doubt Davido has been top of my list for potential collaboration cos 001 get grace wey I suppose tap from lol 😂
JTwarrior: On God, that be happening soon, What do you have in-store for your teaming fans worldwide
Jaey Breezy: I’ve got couple of numbers in stores already ofcos my Last EP chapter 8 is still banging and my latest sing Some Thing is about to hit the globe shortly from now. The team is also working on dishing out an album for the fans in no long time from now as well
JTwarrior: Chapter 8 had major bangers, what is your favorite song on the project
Jaey Breezy: The whole tracks on the project are my favorite although I have a special attraction to the very first track “Mayzhaya” because of the message which is a true story about the October 20 incident. Like I said earlier my songs always relate to my live story
JTwarrior: You've always worked hard over the years, but is there any new year resolutions
Jaey Breezy: My New year resolution is to be my solution, lol! I copied  that from a friend. But I hope to be better than I was in this new year and wish to be great at it. Double enough effort from the last lap.
JTwarrior: Which producer would you say you have enjoyed working with the most
Jaey Breezy: That will be Frigo Beatz: He continued, 'I have worked with him on 3 songs now and a couple more in process'
JTwarrior: That's super cool, what does it take for other artists to work with you
Jaey Breezy: Just a call
JTwarrior: Wrapping it up, what advise would you give to fellow artists looking up to you
Jaey Breezy: Don’t stop working hard, follow your instincts and never settle for less. No long capping
JTwarrior:  Oh before we go, can you let us know how you relax after work
Jaey Breezy: I am a staunch Manchester United fan so I relax watching the football games
JTwarrior: Any last words for the media houses
Jaey Breezy: My sincere appreciation to every media platform projecting the movement with all form of support and I urge all to expect the sound of more sweet musics coming from Jaey Breezy and my team real soon, starting from the incoming single “SOME THING” due to be officially out! We promise to never disappoint and always do our best to satisfying your good music cravings.
JTwarrior: It's been mad fun out here with you bro, we really appreciate this timeout
Jaey Breezy: Thank you very much for having me and it’s my utmost pleasure

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