Zaamo Transport sets to take over the transportation system with a launch in Makurdi


Zaamo Transport is the latest in town. The transportation company which has the people at heart is customer-oriented. The comfort of everyone matters to the company. From the travelers to the drivers and every single person. Over the years, travelers have complained of not being treated well, by so many transport companies traveling between Makurdi and Abuja. They mostly are treated harshly by those companies and their drivers. The welfare and comfort of travelers are not properly put in place. This is the reason why Zaamo Transport was introduced, to serve these neglected needs, of the people. Services of Zaamo transport include.

  1. Travelers can now charge their phones and power banks while traveling.
  2. There is also a free wifi service, for everyone to enjoy a very fast internet connection, to access the world wide web, social media and everything online while they travel.
  3. There is Free food and drinks (light) for every traveler to enjoy while on the journey.
  4. There is Free Entertainment (movies & music) for travelers.
  5. All the cars have Air Conditioners(AC).
  6. There is Free emergency first Aid.
  7. There is a Vehicle speed tracker.
  8. Go-Pro Hero 6 Cameras are installed.
  9. Reclining posh leather Seats.
  10. Reading lights.
  11. Private Bottle holders.
  12. Armrests
  13. Tinted glass/Privacy Shade.
  14. Air fresheners.
  15. Travel Insurance cover up to N100,000.00.
  16. Back up security arrangement.
The meeting point from Makurdi: Ashby investment House, Mkd. The Drop off in Abuja: Area 3, Close to Benue links, Garki Abuja. Car model: Sienna LE, Sienna XLE Destination: Mkd-Abj, Abj-Mkd Daily departures: Morning Departures: 7:00am, 8:30am Afternoon Departures: 1:30pm, 2:30pm Fare : N5,000 Everything about Zaamo Transport is so easy and fast, call 07033778862 to book or send a Whatsapp message to 07065503892 Or visit their official website: Now. Zaamo Transport sets to take over the transportation system with a launch in Makurdi The launch will take place on the 21st of January, 2023. The time is 10:00am

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