Meet The Brilliant Minds Behind "The Z Round Table" Podcast

Let the curtains rise as we unveil the exceptional team that makes "The Z Round Table" podcast come to life! Each member brings their unique talents and passion, ensuring a one of a kind entertainment experience that you won't find anywhere else. Get to know the creative minds that form the backbone of our podcast:  

GENERAL ZAGA (@general_zaga):

Meet our creative director and the visionary behind "The Z Round Table" podcast and ZagaEmpire Entertainment! Not just a blogger, music promoter, talent manager, and media publicist, but also an industry influencer who brings flair and innovation to every aspect of our podcast. Follow him on IG: @general_zaga    

DON FEMI KING (@donfemiking):

The heart and soul of "The Z Round Table" podcast, our dynamic host, and a true multi-talented maestro! With his captivating voice and magnetic presence, Don Femi King steers the ship through exciting discussions and unforgettable moments. Follow him on IG: @donfemiking    

DRE (@kingkong_dre):

Meet the project manager with boundless versatility and extraordinary talent!. DRE brings his project management skills and touch in ensuring smooth team bonding, identifying problems and providing targeted solutions. He also drafts out project reports to identify successful outcomes, insights and future recommendations. Keep an eye out for his promising ventures. Follow him on IG: @kingkong_dre    

IKON (@ikon_lvng):

A creative powerhouse and the driving force behind "The Z Round Table" podcast. As a Creative, Event Organizer, Show Promoter, Talent Manager, Actor, Entertainer, and Music Analyst, his insights will blow your mind! Follow him for all things entertainment @ikon_lvng    

DEBOLA (@_only1adey):

Another powerhouse contributor to our podcast, Debola shines as a Talent Manager, Event Planner, and Stage Manager. His flair for creating unforgettable experiences is felt throughout our episodes. Follow him on IG: @_only1adey    

TEEPIXLE MEDIA (@teepixelmedia):

The visionary cinematographer behind the lens of "The Z Round Table," capturing every moment with finesse. Teeixle Media's artistic brilliance elevates the podcast to a whole new level! Follow him on IG: @teepixelmedia    

LIL SNAZZY (@_lilsnazzycreationzofficial):

Meet the genius behind the captivating graphics designs of "The Z Round Table" podcast. Lil Snazzy's creativity adds a visual charm that complements our audio experience beautifully. Follow him on IG: @_lilsnazzycreationzofficial   Together, they are the powerhouse driving "The Z Round Table" podcast's success, creating an immersive entertainment journey like no other. We're excited to have you join us on this thrilling ride! Stay tuned for more captivating episodes, exclusives, and behind-the-scenes fun!   Follow us for exciting updates: 👉 YouTube: 👉 Instagram: @thezrpodcast 👉 TikTok: @thezroundtable

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