Album Review: Austin King is Hot

It's been two years since the world witnessed boredom: I mean Austin King hasn’t released much music since his sophomore album,  New Nigeria in 2021. Let me say we miss him like we miss the rain in the Dry season.

Photo credit: Austin Ikpe King

The album, Diary of a Blessed Man comes at a time when  Austin Ikpe King is relishing in the flamboyance of his maturing creative finesse, be it through lyrics or his perks as a vocalist.

It is not every day you witness a Christian album tapping into RnB, Afro-fusion, Afro-beats, Hip/Hop, and Amapiano sounds. His ability to expand his creative audacity to align with Afro-pop culture offers him an advantage going forward. It may take time to begin reaping rewards, but this is art, it takes time.

Austin King is a culprit of good music. This album gives him that affirmative character of a genuine artist with an anointed expression without hindering the psychological demands of his listeners. If you have eaten the rice he prepared in his university days you will not underestimate his person. Sweet.

Great album, starting off with “You” feat. Nattyproff,  reminds you of those Saturdays where you are choring and playing music. It simply reenergizes you in prep for God’s eternal grace.

“Blessed” gives us gyration vibes flanked by a re-echoing chorus with Austin doing his thing. He demonstrates his appreciation as an achieving man in this track.  

“For me”, “Stranded”, and “Ask me”, are therapeutic. This is an audio representation of his mysterious covenant with God- to be a music minister. Nothing else.

I love Austin King as a person, as a friend, and as an artist, now I love him more. The truth is the lyrics should be deeper, they should be laced with poetic expressions and newer perspectives to garner new listeners. I could be bored after a 3-day repetition and that is not good for reference purposes. I want to share, but I need more reasons to share with more people.

Great Album, perfect manner to boost  a blossoming music career. Can’t wait for the big bang. It is all love and light.

 Click here to listen to Diary of a Blessed Man

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  1. I really really love this album looking foward to more stuff from him


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