Top 5 Languages to Learn in 2023

 Learning new languages come with unique benefits. It’s an under-hyped skill that most people take for granted. The question is, what language should you learn?

People learn languages for many reasons. Some learn to improve their social scope, some learn new languages to develop business ties, while others do it for travel experiences. Beautifully, many people learn new languages for fun or artistic reasons. If you are still yet to decide on which language that’s right for you, we have provided you top 5 languages to learn in 2023.

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Learning Mandarin would give you a new flavour of language as it is totally different from European languages. Writing Mandarin is like learning a new form of art which would improve your attention span and level of patience. Of course, Mandarin is as difficult as it sounds, but your ability to learn it will boost the levels of your confidence. China is a place rich and vast culture that is well articulated. Becoming a speaker of Mandarin will give you a firsthand taste of their culture, and make you empathic.

When you learn Mandarin or you are just starting out as a learner, you will be more than happy when you travel to China or visit Chinese-speaking communities. Mandarin will be a new skill that could offer you learning opportunities relevant across industries, from manufacturing, Drop shipping, to hospitality industries and International relations jobs.

How to go about it

As China began developing into a world power, many people have become interested in learning Mandarin. Many online sources are providing first-hand materials to guide learners. We have 6 million learners learning Mandarin on, as published by Duolingo.  This should get you started smoothly.



Mon ami, comment ça va? I know you are fine. Asking someone “How are you?” in French is sounding special already. For so many reasons French is an important language to learn. It is spoken concretely in over 26 countries and about 125 million people speak French.

The French language has a wide labour market which makes its demand always on the rise. France leads in the Telecommunication industry and is bound for bigger growth by 2028. This is one attractive reason to dive into learning the French language.

As a lover of sporting events, you will find France an attractive destination to witness some of the sporting events held there. Formula 1, Grand Prix, Tennis tournaments, Horse Races etc.

French language is not as difficult as Mandarin, because so many words in English were derived from French, and vice-versa. This will make the language friendly to learn.

How to go about it

You don’t need to worry, all the materials you need to get started can be found on Duolingo. Learning French will be worth it.



Spanish is also a widely spoken language, which can give you a great deal of benefit. It is arguably the second most spoken language in the world. As recorded, in the US, there are over 40 million speakers of Spanish.

Learning Spanish can help you achieve a lot of goals, be it social, touristic, or academic. Socially, you can mingle and make new friends all over the world. You could also join social groups to build your knowledge. Touristy, you can travel to countries where Spanish is a major language and feel at home. Academic, learning Spanish could land you NGO-related jobs, as many international organizations are looking for interpreters to help reach out to the grassroots.

Learning Spanish in 2023 can improve your chances of relocating to other continents (Europe, North America or South America). The opportunities are limitless and you will have many choices on your table.

 How to go about it         

Spanish is wildly considered one of the easiest languages to learn if you put in a considerable amount of time. With Duolingo (click here to begin) you will get the results you desire.



Since the advent of the world cup in 2022 many people have increased their appetite to learn Arabic, and even after the world cup, many are still interested in learning Arabic. I think you should too. People made friends, and people became business partners because they could speak Arabic.

The Arabian Peninsula consists of many countries, and this language is major within the region. The Arabians have a rich and decorated culture and are friendly people who are welcoming to every person.

The Arabic language is not an easy language to learn, I must confess, but your passion will be a major spice in your learning process.

NOTE: By learning a globally uncommon language, you are exposed to more opportunities than popular languages.

Learning Arabic will give you the cutting edge to land jobs or relocate to United Arab Emirates, or other Arabic-speaking countries. Learning it for job purposes will be a huge boost.  Learning Arabic for exploration and tourism is a great way to arm yourself with at least, the basics of the language.


How to go about it

The Arabic language will be of advantage due to the genuine hospitality shown in the Arab region. Most tourists and visitors talk greatly about their encounters with the people and their culture. You can click here to begin your learning journey. Starting now!


Swahili is a popular language in Africa. It is popularly spoken in Eastern Africa, and it is Kenya and Tanzania’s national language respectively. There is a loose estimation of 50- 100 million speakers globally.

It is a unique African language which makes a lot of people interested in it. This language gives you a lot of access to people in other regions of Africa, and not just East Africa. Kiswahili is a language American universities encourage linguistic academics to make research on. People gain scholarships to teach Swahili in institutions around the globe.  This has encouraged the growth of the language and also gives it recognition beyond the African continent.

How to go about it

Kiswahili is quite an easy language to learn. If you learn and practice speaking with someone who understands, you will be good at it in no time. (click here to begin learning) helps with pronunciation which will go a long way in your learning.


Learning new languages is always difficult from the start, but once you learn one successfully, it becomes a stepping stone to learn more. I wish you thrive as you begin your journey of speaking new languages. Keep shinning.

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