ARUO MARITIME SERVICES LIMITED: Navigating the Waves of Nigerian Maritime Excellence

ARUO MARITIME SERVICES LIMITED is a Nigerian-based firm that is focused on delivering standardized maritime services to the public. One unique thing about them is how they have evolved over the years to render freight services which were originally handled by foreign companies, to Nigeria and by extension other African countries.

Their services come at a more convenient cost to customers, compared to their competitors and the fact that patronizing them contributes to the growth of the Nigerian economy could not be any more exciting.

What struck me about the company while writing this article is the variety of services that they undertake; from logistics in the shipping of goods to protective agency services, their freight forwarding service, cargo haulage and surveying, chartering of vessels, cargo brokerage, boat supplying services and fender supplies.

These services they render have made me nickname them the Nigerian 'god of sea'. They are trusted for the shipping of goods into and out of the country (freight forwarding), They also import boats and other sea vessels into the country. They are insured, so you can be assured that all your goods or services are guaranteed with them.

The company is committed to rendering these services and being the first choice of their customers, as they look to deliver excellently and beyond expectations. They also envision the firm to be among the leading maritime service-producing firms in Africa.

At a time when industrialization is shaping the economy of global giants like China, the USA, and Canada, I could not be any prouder that a Nigerian has launched this firm which could see us do so much more in our intercontinental economic interactions with the rest of the world.


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