Breaking News: Apostle Johnson Suleman declares witchcraft spells broken in Sierra Leone as he declares the name of The Lord Jesus Christ

Huge crowds gathered in BO International Stadium in Sierra Leone to witness the supernatural happenings led by Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Throughout the night, the stadium was filled with moments of worship, healing, and deliverance. 

Sierra Leoneans are still buzzing from the incredible experience they had at BO International Stadium. Apostle Johnson Suleman led a night of miracles with Dr. Samson Berkins of WestAfrik TV describing it as an "avalanche of miracles". 

The atmosphere was electric, with people cheering and dancing as God's healing power was poured out in abundance.

According to a X user formerly twitter, @VictoriaSaka: I have never felt the presence of God quite like I did at BO Int'l Stadium. Apostle Johnson Suleman drew thousands to the stadium, and we all left with an experience of God's power and diverse miracles. 

Another user @Lillian_Anthony: The testimonies I heard after Apostle Johnson Suleman's ministry at BO Int'l Stadium truly blessed my heart. So many, diverse miracles and demonstrations of God's love, power, and grace.

*Youtube Video*

In response to the viral video, Apostle Suleman has expressed his gratitude to God for the opportunity to share the gospel with so many people. He has also thanked his supporters for their encouragement and prayer.

Apostle Suleman has become a beacon of hope for many around the world. It is clear that his message of love and salvation is resonating with people of all races and backgrounds, and he has vowed to continue his efforts in spreading the gospel to all corners of the world.

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