Philanthropist & Ambassador Expensive Stitches Lends a Helping Hand to Man Seen Wearing NYSC Boots to Church


On Easter Sunday 2024, a young man identified as Beatrice Lucas, caught the attention of many when he attended the Christ the King Catholic Church service in Kurudu, Abuja wearing the boots typically worn by National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members during their mandatory one-year service to the nation.

However, Lucas was dressed in traditional attire, making his choice of footwear even more unusual.

His unconventional appearance did not go unnoticed by a philanthropist and ambassador known as Expensive Stitches.

Upon seeing Lucas, Expensive Stitches sought him out and arranged a meeting. During their encounter, Expensive Stitches presented Lucas with a cash donation to assist him in his circumstances as it was heart touching.

Furthermore, Expensive Stitches collected Lucas’s phone number, intending to provide him with additional support.

Not only that, but Expensive Stitches also reached out to friends, urging them to help Lucas in whatever way they could.

Surprisingly, many individuals pledged their willingness to contribute to Lucas’s well-being.

The heartwarming act of kindness by Expensive Stitches should be applauded for.

A big thank you to Expensive Stitches and his friends who have donated to this young man continue to experience more of God blessings in their lives.


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