MUSIC: Bone Guy X Boiksey - Shima Kwe



Rising middlebelt sensation Bone Guy is set to make waves in the music industry with his highly anticipated single "Shima Kwe" featuring the award winning artist Boiksey.

"Shima Kwe" promises to be a summer anthem that will captivate audiences worldwide with its infectious beats and captivating lyrics.

The afrobeats collaboration between Bone Guy and Boiksey marks a significant milestone in Bone Guy's burgeoning career. Known for his unique sound that blends traditional African rhythms with contemporary Afrobeats,  Bone Guy has quickly become a prominent name in the music scene.

"Shima Kwe" showcases both artists' dynamic styles and their ability to create music that transcends borders.

Shima Kwe was M/M by Modern mix


DOWNLOAD MP3: Bone Guy X Boiksey - Shima Kwe (MM-Modern mix)

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