Tersoo Zambers' Views on His commentary About Makurdi Cargo Airport

it has been a hectic day for me. But thank God He has given me the strength to free myself from the many engagements.

I have been writing commentaries for years now, with all sense of humility. But my last on the gale of airports in the country has generated unexpected reactions, positive and negative. I have been insulted and blackmailed by my very own people, justifying the age long saying that a prophet has no honour in his place. Some accused me of being sponsored by the opposition. Some even out-rightly alleged that former governor Gabriel Suswam was sponsoring me through Dr. Cletus Akawaya.

God knows I have not seen these people for more than a year now. The last time I saw the former Governor was in the twilight of his tenure when on invitation, I went with my dear brother, colleague, in-law and friend, Terver Akase the amiable Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, to interview him on what he felt were his achievements in office. If I asked him patronizing questions or not, Mr. Akase is alive to tell the story. In fact, one of my elder brothers from Tiv sometime ago asked me to escort him to see the former governor but I tactically refused. Dr. Akwaya and I have not seen each other this year, and both of us live in Abuja. I am so amazed that my commentary which has been hailed by many from other states, was a bullet to a people I spend time working for. I am not blowing my trumpet but I know that I am passionate about Tiv nation.

I have read over and over again, to see where and what I said that my people perceived it as sabotage to the efforts of the present administration, but have not seen any. I began the commentary by highlighting the importance of airports, then I talked about how state governments have built airports that are dormant, with vivid examples. In fact, Nasarawa state government initiated a similar project with a Chinese company, but we all know that the project has stopped since February this year. I then concluded that, yes investors may want to build airport for the states, perhaps, with their own money, but the states can let the investors know what they actually need at the moment. And I strongly feel, airport is not our need for now and I only highlighted what Sultan of Sokoto said at a public event which was where I got inspiration to write the commentary. In any case, I mentioned many states in that commentary but no one from those states insulted me.

I expected my brothers to challenge me on the content of the commentary, but they resorted to personal attacks. Well, my brother the CPS has sponsored a well articulated rejoinder, which I eventually treated, but the issue of NEED is still lacking, my humble opinion though. I am saying all of these because of those who believe that silence is acceptance of guilt. Those who truly know me know that I am not what some of my own brothers wanted to paint. I detest wrong doing. Believe me or not, if the government comes up with a policy I buy into, I will be the one to give it visibility, and not the others. I believe in our development because we are far behind others. God bless you.