International Kissing Day: I think its just silly Kissing someone you don’t Feel For – Damibliz

As the world celebrates International Kissing Day, London Based Afrobeats artiste Damibliz, thinks it totally wrong for anyone to kiss someone they have no atom of feeling for, this he believes is not fair to the mind and feelings of both party.


A fun fact have it that kissing strangers help “Helps You Pick Your Mate” and of course as widely known, reduce stress but Damibliz argues otherwise.


The Nigerian giant feels if you must kiss, especially outside entertainment then it must be with someone you’ve known for a while.

International Kissing Day: I think its just silly Kissing someone you Feeling For - Damibliz

He says, “If kissing is what we have to do often then it has to be done properly. I am one of those that take kissing seriously. You don’t just kiss someone because you want to taste the lips of have fun, at worst it should be with someone you may grow with. Its important you kiss someone you have some sort of feeling for or most importantly will like to go into a relationship with.



Damibliz was rumored to have kissed a girl on stage around 2017 in London. When asked weather its good for music artistes to kiss strangers while performing, the lover boy exclaimed;

“That is different”

That’s stage performance nah, crazy things happen. You cant compare such situation with clear eye situation.

You have to respect the ladies you know.

International Kissing Day: I think its just silly Kissing someone you Feeling For - Damibliz
International Kissing Day: I think its just silly Kissing someone you Feeling For – Damibliz

The International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day is celebrated worldwide on July 6. The day is observed to commemorate the relationship between two people and remind them about the simple pleasures of kissing their loved ones. International Kiss Day urges people to take the time out to kiss their significant other with deliberation and not just as a mechanical action or social formality. It helps in bringing back the spark in the relationship and rekindling some romance.



International Kissing Day was first celebrated in the United Kingdom. It later got popular around the world in the early 2000s. World Kiss Day is not an official holiday like Valentine’s Day but has been a popular day for people to express their affection. Additionally, this day is different from the one celebrated on February 13 before Valentine.

International Kissing Day: I think its just silly Kissing someone you Feeling For - Damibliz

Kissing someone you love is an act of expressing your love, affection, and fondness for them. However, since we are in the middle of a pandemic, many won’t be able to see their loved ones and kiss them. So, on this special occasion, if you want to let your partner or loved one know just how much they mean to you, you can always send across quotes and wishes to them through social media. Moreover, this day is just not limited to romantic partners. So, you can send these wishes to someone important in your life. Here are some quotes and wishes to share with your loved ones.


Below are some interesting things about kissing that just might blow your mind:

  1. If you kiss your partner for one minute, you can burn up to 26 calories. If one kisses daily, it is also believed to increase the age of the person.
  2. Each 10-second-long French kiss results in the exchange of 80 million bacteria, yet it helps to clean out your mouth as it produces extra saliva. This in turn helps to fight tooth decay.

  3. Studies has shown that kissing help to reduce stress and promote better health.

  4. On average a person spends 336 hours kissing which is equivalent to two weeks of our life.

  5. In the medieval ages when people were unable to read and write, people used to sign their name with an ‘X and then kiss the mark to show their sincere intent.



–  Dogs are the most kissable pet. Around 75% of people kiss their pets, but 70% say dogs are the best pets to kiss, 21% kiss their cats, seven percent want to kiss their birds and two percent kiss reptiles.


–  Interracial kiss was shown on television for the first time in an episode of Star Trek in 1966.


–  According to a team of British researchers, every French kiss involves a movement of 146 muscles out of which 34 are facial and 112 are postural.


–  In Africa, people often kiss on the ground on which their chief used to walk. In Italy, people kiss each other to say hello.


–  In Elena Undone in 2010, actresses Necar Zadegan and Traci Dinwiddie kissed each other for a record-breaking 3.23 minutes. The world record of the longest kiss in real life was made by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, a Thai couple. They kissed each other for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.


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